Karisa Famularo

Karuna Devi is dedicated to the path of eternal absolute truth, a natural way of living; with a focus on self-development and non-harm practices.

Karuna Devi
 Her studies are born from the spiritual & philosophical disciplines of Kriya, Raja, and Ashtanga Yoga (the 8-limb path) along with a strong emphasis on the principles of alignment and the therapeutic qualities of the Hatha Yoga practice. Karisa is certified in scholarly Bhakti Yoga and in the 26&2 sequencing of the Ghosh lineage. She has studied and taken entry-level workshops in Ayurveda,  Meditation & Trauma-informed Yoga. With over 700 hours of certifications, Karisa uses a broad spectrum of modalities & a fully integrative approach with her students. Karisa’s classes are both mentally and physically challenging, ultimately gaining Grace & control of the body, resulting in the stillness of the mind. Karisa has a special interest in the Language of Yoga and enjoys chanting mantras for deep meditation. Basic Sanskrit terminology & education on the history of yoga are used in class to honor the Guru lineage. You can expect to learn about the philosophy and psychology of yoga in class with Karisa. She provides a safe & fun environment for any student who is committed to the journey of Self Realization. With sound vibrations, we surrender to the Aum. Karisa is also an outreach services ambassador for the ATHA nonprofit.
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