Jessica Crawford

Jessica’s yoga path began at the ripe age of 18.

Though it was Bikram Yoga, a mostly physically based practice, she immediately began to face the woman in the mirror, with new eyes. There were many layers of the onion to peel back, mental, emotional, and physical healing to do, and the need for nourishment on a spiritual level. Over many years of practice, she was able to dismantle the self-destructive thought patterns and the harsh inner critic and embark on the journey of healing through self-love, patience, and commitment. She reclaimed a deep connection with her Soul and the Infinite Creator, which would be the bedrock from which to navigate life moving ahead, in service.

Jessica’s Path from Vinyasa to Kundalini Yoga Mastery

Jessica took her first yoga teacher training in 2008 at the Nosara Yoga Institute with Don and Amba Stapleton gaining a solid foundation in Hatha yoga, taught in a powerful vinyasa flow style. She taught vinyasa yoga classes for several years alongside her Healing Arts practice in transformational massage and energy work. A quantum shift came for her when she found Kundalini Yoga. She was calling it in and it was calling her in as a platform from which to serve humanity. From her first class, she knew it was her lineage as a teacher, and soon began a Level 1 Practitioner Training at Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA. It was soul food, all cylinders firing YES, a sacred and ancient medicine so vast and worthy of her devotion and dedication to carry on The Teachings.

Jessica began teaching in 2017 and has started classes and built a community from the island Martha’s Vineyard, MA to Sausalito, CA, back to Cape Cod, MA, and most recently here to Delray Beach at ATHA Yoga Shala. For Jessica, it is an honor and privilege to share this sacred science and technology, to see it bring to others the same gifts of awakening, healing, and expansion that it brings to her, and to inspire as many others to keep up with practice and even become teachers themselves. This is an Aquarian technology to assist us in tuning our own Self-Sensory systems to the new frequency and dynamics of the times so we can light the way and steward in more harmony, unity, heart-centeredness, heightened awareness, and the Divine Feminine blueprints for living.

The Transformative Power of Jessica’s Yoga Classes

Her classes tend to be activating and clarifying, first raising the vibration physically and mentally with strong yoga sets and pranayama, to then gain access to the more subtle adjustments and corrections within the mind. From this place of balance and equilibrium, we gain mastery over the mind, creating the space and awareness for our eternal self, our Soul, to come through. The mind should always be the servant of the Soul; in this way, our intelligence can serve our purpose, our Destiny, in co-creation with the Infinite Creator. By the end of each class, we reach a deeper meditative and connected place within ourselves, where our creativity can flow, healing can take place, and divine inspiration comes through.

License # MA 99639

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