Debra Kelly, Shaman

Hello, I am Debra Kelly~ Shaman, Teacher of Ritual & Ceremonial Arts, Sacred Activist, Facilitator of Transformation, Writer & L.M.T. 18920 licensed Massage Therapist

Debra Kelly

About Me

Practicing in the Healing arts since 1993, weaving together many traditions of healing and lightwork as a way of Empowering others to Co-create pathways to wholeness through self-awareness. My work in the world is about Awakening to the Inner Healer, which lead me to creating the modalities of “Sacred Body Work & Soul Sessions”… encompassing Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions & Energetic body.
Much of my energy is channeled to bring greater Awareness of the tools each of us is inherently gifted with. My quest to align with Spirit has been enriched through the Art of Ceremony and the Path of Shamanism. I feel most at Home sharing in Sacred space, apprenticed by the unseen realms I have learned to become an open and clear vessel for the teachings that have come through that allow for deep healing. Ceremony, Ritual & Sound have played the most influential part in the Awakening of my Path as a a modern-day Medicine Woman, it carries a code and language that I understand from an instinctual level beyond logic, connecting to a DEEP REMEMBERING and VISION that reveals through my work and sharing.

I work one on one and with groups, offering teachings from many traditions in the form of Ceremony and to Connect with our greatest teachers – our Earth Mother, her Mineral, Plant and Animal kingdom, the Sun, Moon and Stars. As we remember how to connect with these Energies and the Wisdom of this Ancient, Powerful and once Universal knowledge, we gently & lovingly enter back into relationship with Gaia “The Mother of Us All” & experience a sense of Spiritual Community & Oneness with all of life.


Shamanism is an Ancient Spiritual path, which opens a doorway to the Heart, enabling us to explore and understand our relationship with the Sacredness of all Life, a very powerful method of working with spirit, to restore energy, flow and power to their rightful places, allowing us to live our personal truth in alignment with Natural Law. Offering a way to reconnect with the Sacredness, Power and Beauty of the Natural world. For many, the Ancient teachings that first awakened us to remembering this path came from cultures other than our own, from tribal people who have generously shared the Sacred teachings that are still alive. But this is the path of all our Ancestors, and the memories lie within our Land, in the Stones, Crystals, Waters, Trees, the Air we Breath.

The longest Journey we will ever take is from the Head to the Heart….from THINKER to FEELER! All of Life is our mirror & teacher through constant change, when we are proactive with the changes and work with Intention & feeling awareness, Life arrives more in tune with a Rhythm that is Balanced within Harmony. We as a race are transcending separation and duality into Oneness. Unity Consciousness is anchored deep within my Heart space. As I engage in all of Life in Sacred Ways, I fully trust the path that reveals through this Dance of Mystery with the Universe, and look forward to sharing with you. Every session is catered to your individual needs & Transformation is name of the game!

INTENTION, BREATH, TOUCH, PARTICIPATION, RITUAL, CEREMONY & SOUND are the Alchemical tools in this exchange. My question to you is how deep do you wish to go in remembering all that you are, within LOVE?

License # MA 18920

Therapist Specialties

Soul Sessions
Vibrational Energy Medicine (Sacred Sound Activation)
Awakening the Chakras (Chakra Activation)
Sacred Bodywork
The Art of the Journey all day Retreat
Thai Foot Reflexology
Group Gatherings, Workshops, Rituals & Ceremonies designed for your special occasion

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